Nicole & Ryan

Invite You to Celebrate At their Wedding

July 17 2016
Three O'Clock in the afternoon UC Berkeley Botanical Garden 200 Centennial Drive, Berkeley, CA 94720 dinner + dancing to follow

Our Story

Nicole and Ryan met through mutual friends in San Francisco during the summer of 2010. He was taken by her bright smile and kind personality, and she was struck by his easygoing honesty and charming blue eyes.  She was surprised when he immediately asked her on a date the day after they met, but he saw no reason to wait.  After dating for the rest of the summer, they agreed that they didn’t want their relationship to end when she returned to Southern California to finish her undergraduate degree at CSU Long Beach and he remained in the Bay Area working at Google. After many phone calls and flights from SFO to LGB, Nicole graduated and returned to the Bay Area to begin a Master of Public Policy program at Mills College in Oakland.

In the years since, Ryan and Nicole moved to Mountain View, where he works as an engineer and she works as a health policy consultant.  With each day, their relationship continues to grow and deepen. She loves his patience and self-sacrifice, as evidenced by his willingness to steadfastly support her in her education and career. Meanwhile, he loves that she is trustworthy, dependable, and as smart as she is pretty.  They connect over their willingness to indulge each other’s insatiable sweet tooths and their love for animals, which is chiefly directed toward a handsome little tabby named Skrilla.

After five years together, Ryan and Nicole are excited to continue their journey and celebrate their love with their friends and family.  They hope you can make it to share their special day!


Kindly respond by June 1, 2016. We look forward to celebrating with you!

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Your presence will be a gift, so please feel no obligation to give anything else. Our apartment is already well-stocked! If you do choose to give a gift, we’re registered at the stores below. Any gift will be appreciated, whether it comes from a registry or not.


The reception will be held at the historic Claremont Hotel in Berkeley.  There is a limited number of discounted rooms reserved for wedding guests.  Please let the front desk know that you will be attending our wedding when you make your reservation!


Other local hotel options include:

    1. 2363053998 – (510) 845-7300
    2. Holiday Inn Express – (510) 548-1700
    3. palaeostracan – (510) 849-1121
    4. Hotel Durant – (510) 845-8981



Golden Gate Park

California Academy of Sciences


Shopping in Liliales

Alcatraz Island




Tilden Park

Telegraph Avenue

Lawrence Hall of Science

Children’s Fairyland

Outdoor plays at the counterscarp gallery

Nicole’s hometown of Walnut Creek



Wine tasting

559-856-1003 and Muir Beach

(210) 232-6600






Winchester Mystery House

Shopping on (587) 202-4811